20 0f the funniest ’Evil Kermit’ memes that will make your day

Kermit the frog evolved from the beloved muppet from our childhood into a pop culture fixture through the ‘It’s none of my business’ memes in 2014.

’Evil Kermit’

In this popular memes of Kermit sipping tea, the muppet instigates drama by feistily throwing shade before backing away by claiming that ‘it’s none of my business’.

Now Kermit the meme has seen resurgence with the ‘Evil Kermit’ memes which are hysterically funny. Evil Kermit draws its inspiration from ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ movie where Kermit faces off his evil doppelganger Constantine who is the main antagonist in the 2011 film.

A scene form the film shows Constantine who is describes as ‘The World's Most Dangerous Frog ‘facing off Kermit and that is the scene where the memes were generated from.

The Evil Kermit memes are a hilarious portrayal of how our good intentions/thoughts fight with our inner most wicked thoughts.

We gathered a few of the best from the popular trend, check them out below:


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