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Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones fight over sugarmummy

It's a generous amount of drama this fine Friday morning.

Screen shots of Eric’s text conversation have emerged online where he claims that Khaligraph Jones has been getting money from a ‘sponsor’.

According to the screen shots between Eric and a close friend, Eric bashed Khaligraph saying that he the money he has been flossing with is not actually self-made, instead, Khaligraph his being kept by sugar mummy who resides in Hurligham.

On a phone call with Mpasho, Eric didn’t deny the allegations but requested that it is kept on the low.


However, Khaligraph isn’t one to take a punch seated down. He denied Eric’s claims stating that he is self-made and is not the kind of man to depend on a woman, instead he is the one who does the sponsoring.

He goes on to call Eric (wait for it) a skinny spaghetti looking ninja who should go to the petrol station and ask to be filled with gas.

He said, “Siwezi ringa na kitu si yang, ni kitu hutawahi ona. Like everything I have, I everything you see on is mine…”

Well, while we can't say the same about Khaligraph, is the first time Eric is picking a fight with another celeb. Is it just attention seeking for Khaligraph's new jam? We don't know but as the saying goes, stay woke fam!

Here's what they had to say.


Khaligraph and Eric Omondi talk about their sugar mummy scandal


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