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Exclusive: Khaligraph Jones reveals why he ate raw ‘human’ meat in his latest video

It was shocking!

But he decided to push the envelope further this year in a dope new video called ‘Rider’ featuring Petra and Sagini who is a new ‘ Blue Ink’ signee providing the background vocals.

The song is pretty dope and the lyrics are amazing but the video is unconventional in that Khaligraph ‘slashes a man to death and they‘‘feast‘ on his raw liver.’

Understandably this kind of morbid scene has affected the sensibilities of many Kenyans who feel like the scene was too macabre. While other Kenyans have admitted that the gore is a trailblazer in terms of creativity and more Kenyan artistes should drop videos like this.


Pulse Live recently sat down with Khaligraph at his ‘Motif’ studio where he gave us the tea on the highly divisive video.

“All these were ideas we came up with behind the scenes. When we sat down with the director to come up with the concept of the video we felt like having raw meat on the set was going to create that impact that we wanted.” Khaligraph informed us.

He disclosed that he has been gravitating towards the dark side and shock value when it comes to his brand. “If you have been taking a look at my videos or following up on the Khaligraph brand you will notice that I’ve been taking the dark side direction. It’s not that I am Illuminati. It’s just me being artistic and expressing myself the best way I know how.”

The ‘Rider’ rapper told Kenyans to take the video with a grain of salt as its nothing serious.“It’s just off a concept it’s nothing so serious, some people take it too personally and wako like ‘Aii nini nini nini!’ But it’s just like me being artistic and doing what I feel like I need to do to get the message out there.”


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