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Khalighraph Jones opens up on hard times that left him depressed

Niliachia shule form four!

Khaligraph Jones reacts after Nigerian Rapper Blaq Bonez started beefing with him for being crowned king on rap in Africa

Award winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has opened up on the hard times before fame and money that led to his depression.

This comes after Anto NeoSoul on The Trend told the rapper that he was shocked that Khaligraph in a certain Documentary had opened up on undergoing depression.

You spoke that you’ve undergone depression before. There’s an interview I was watching , actually a documentary on you, and I was quite shocked that someone like you would have ever been depressed” Said Anto NeoSoul.


The Yes Bana hit maker revealed that he was depressed because back then, life was tough for him. The hard times he went through even forced him to drop out of school when he was in form four.

Life never used to be like this, things were different way back. You know where I’m from Kayole 1960 and of course coming from such a place the usual stuff is expected. When I’m talking about the usual stuff I mean ni ngumu Maisha ilikua hard I remember I was having a conversation with your DJ and I told him mi niliachia shule form four not because I wanted to but because of the circumstance at that particular point, just like I said ,Things never used to be the way they are now. Things used to be hard we had to undergo a lot of trial and tribulations and all that to elevate to this position but now we are happy God is good we are making moves.” Said Papa Jones.

Asked whether there was a specific moment where he felt as if he wanted to end his life, the rapper disclosed that he had thought about that and not once or twice.

Is there a specific moment you told yourself this has to stop, this needs to end? Asked Anto NeoSoul.


Not once not twice, very many times. things used to happen at some point you would think it doesn’t get worse than this and then something else happens. I lost my dad and that time we had to move from Kayole to Dandora yaani life ilikua ni very difficult. And sometimes nlikua naona maybe Mungu sahii atatuonekania but you know that’s not how it used to be. You know at the end of the day its just life, hivyo ndivyo life iko and sometimes you have to be happy that you’ve made progress because I believe for me to be person I am today I had to go through all those things all those experiences, I am happy right now God blessed me" replied Khaligraph.

Blaq Bonez, was collateral damage

He further revealed that he did not have an intention of dissing Nigerian Rapper Blaq Bonez who claimed that he did not deserve to be crowned the Best rapper in Africa at Sound City MVP Awards.

Papa Jones added Blaq Bonez was just a collateral message because his intention was to tell West African rappers that East Africa rappers were also talented and had the potential of being great.


Blaq Bonez is talented we can never take that way a from him. And the thing with OG is before I diss you you gotta be on a certain level. I can’t just diss a nobody. Blaq bonez provoked me in a good way. I was in a good mood. I was in Nigeria bagged the award for the best rapper in Africa, some people caught feelings Blaq Bonez decided to react and me as the OG there’s a certain way that I usually react and when I do that its fire. so I did what I had to do but nothing personal, I just wanted to put out a message to my brothers in West Africa that East Africa got something to say. My intention was not even to diss Black Jones nlisema yeye ni collateral damage my message was to WestvAfrica Nigeria that we have potential that we are talented "


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