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Singer Kidum hospitalized

Quick recovery

“I am in danger! I suspect being poisoned,” he said.

He went ahead and blamed his enemies for trying to kill him saying that if he died, a thousand more Kidums will come up and his mission will still continue.


Kidum said that after he was treated he tried to travel back to Nairobi but Kenya Airways officials could not let him travel because of his condition at the time.

“I tried to travel back to Nairobi but the situation couldn’t allow me coz I am still weak. I went back to the same hospital now I am officially hospitalized in Bujumbura,” he said in another post.

“I was about to be discharged but the hospital has just changed that decision because they have just discovered that the poison has spoilt my kidneys. Pray for me. My enemies have to be defeated by your prayers. Yesterday I was discharged but the officials of Kenya airways decided not to let me travel because of my condition. So I was brought back to hospital and now I am not allowed to go. I am in this hospital to stay the way I see it,” he said.


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