King Kaka excites netizens after dropping ‘Mbesa’ featuring Kamba Benga star Maima

What a great fusion!

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Legendary rapper King Kaka has taken a thrilling twist in his music career. The Wajinga Nyinyi hit maker dropped a track dubbed 'Mbesa' with celebrated Kamba Benga star Alphonse Kioko popularly known as Maima.

The song excited his fans as it was a combination of two different genres of music, rap and Benga as well as Swahili and Kamba languages. The diversity and the creativity in the song is awesome.

The two talk about the challenges and the struggle involved in getting money and even when you get it, it cannot be sustained. They even go ahead and ask what money what it wants since it cannot be understood.

The song starts with iconic Kamba beats hyping the song as Maima starts his verse in Kamba language. King Kaka then drops his verse with a smooth transition as the beats change slightly. The song automatically sets you in a dancing mood and gives you a different type of vibe.

The video which is shot in a club is of high quality with beautiful vixens as well as dancers with killer moves, breaking a leg the kamba way.

This is a big tune that has brought two different worlds of music together and if you haven’t watched it then I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

The song has received massive love and support from fans, who have commended the two artistes for coming together and producing such a big tune. The song is trending at number 11 on YouTube and has since received over 80k views.

Here are some of the comments;

K. Wenda The way King Kaka is rhyming with other artist is just lit and amazing

khaligraph jones OG Mimi kama #OG let's support good music

Alfie Klozo woooow this is a dope compination....

kamau daniel siikujua kikamba inaeza ingia fiti na Rap🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..i feel represented🤣

Zum C Congratulations King kaka for linking up with top artist in Eastern kenya..collabo imeweza..big up Kithungo raha.maima

OEBAISM Ile Vibe iko Kwa hii Ngoma ni legitimate. Kaka Naona uko fluent🇰🇪 😂😂

Karu Black the fusion, especially how the beat switches up , major tune !!!

DJ ROCKTONE TV That's why king kaka remains to be the greatest artist in kenya ....habagui genre wala lugha.........simply the best #kingkaka

Marcelino Channel Yenyewe it's a new decade!! 😂😂😂! Waaah! Those dancers!!!!!!

david mwisa this is awesome, i never thought this fusion will work, kk you are a genius.

Steno Muli Hii imeweza! Thats a blend i never saw coming . Mbesssssa!! Moto Sana.

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