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King Kaka responds to claims he embarrassed Vera Sidika with unedited photos



Vera Sidika recently met up in Las Vegas with King Kaka while he was on The Eastlando Royalty USA Tour.

And the two took photos and videos which they shared on social media. Photos/videos that have become the talk of the town due to some screengrabs that someone took which show Vera looking ashy and with a white cast on her face.

A look that was most likely due to camera flashback caused by SPF or light-reflecting ingredients like as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which are present in some makeup.


The photo paled in comparison to how we are used to seeing Vera look and fans were quick to make fun at Vera’s new look and comment that king Kaka is not a very good friend for posting such a clip.

King Kaka has now responded to all the hullaballoo by simply writing ‘Mmechoma’ in a response to a blog article that claims he left Vera Sidika humiliated after sharing ‘raw’ pics.


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