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King Kaka wows Kenyans with new song, "Wajinga Nyinyi", takes You Tube by storm

King Kaka makes statement with #Wajinga Nyinyi

King Kaka

Award winning Kenyan Rapper King Kaka on Saturday, December 14, 2019 set You Tube ablaze with a new rap song “Wajinga Nyinyi” that has since gone viral.

Within an hour of posting the video, more than 10,000 had accessed it from You Tube with many others accessing and sharing it their platforms with the numbers rising steadily.

Drawing inspiration from the state of affairs in Kenya, King Kaka tackles corruption, unemployment, inflation and tribalism and corruption scandals witnessed in the country in a rare display of pure talent at its best.

In his song, King kaka urges voters to make sober decisions at the ballot and break away from the traps of tribalism instead of electing selfish leaders.


One of the line goes: "2022 already si mnajua nani ni Prezzy, si mnajua nyinyi voters ni washenzi…Piga tu kura na utalala bila kula"

He also takes a swipe at the country’s leadership that has been a disappointment to many and delves into the hefty contributions splashed in churches that many have alleged are proceeds of crime.

“City Stadium imekuwa renovation for three years while Sonko anadance tu wa offe.

“Si basi wakam kwa church watoe psea tulitoa kama tax, na pastor anakiss ass.” Goes yet another line.

Comments came in thick and fast with many congratulating King Kaka for his artistic skills, using his skills to address king issues facing the Kenya at the moment.


Among those who applauded King Kaka is activist Boniface Mwangi.

Below is the video as shared by King Kaka on You Tube.


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