Kobi Kihara on the spot after 'stealing' salad photo and posting as own kitchen skills

Girl! We are disappointed

The media personality who relocated to New York for studies posted a photo of a salad on her Instagram in an attempt to show off her cooking prowess which dare I say, that Chef Gordon Ramsay would give a stamp of approval. She captioned:

"I make a badass salad #NomNomNom #Salad #KobiWithAnEye"

The original photo.

Unfortunately, internet FBIs were quick to point out that the photo was in fact, stolen from Pinterest. One of those investigators, was none other than Shaffie Weru who sarcastically pointed out that he didn't know that the same photo, on Pinterest, belonged to Kobi.

In the comment section, impressed fans wanted to know how they can make such a salad and Kobi with an eye for good food, even shared the recipe, of course, also stolen. The funniest part was her claiming that she got the ingredients from her mother's fridge.

As you would imagine, the comment section was lit after the discovery of her 'thievery' skills.

The other day, Octopizzo was exposed for stealing international artiste Lil Wop's photo which he posted on his Instagram without any credits whatsoever. See, if you're going to steal a photo, at least do not make it so obvious. Kobi sweetheart, we love you, but you will not die if you do not post a yummy salad photo and, we will still love you if your cooking skills are below par, you don't gotta do it for the gram.

Ladies and gentlemen, whatever you see on the internet, take it with a pinch of salt. No one posts their failures. #FakeItTillYouMakeIt

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