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KOT reacts as YouTube Couple Natalie Tewa and Boyfriend Rnaze breakup

Interesting reactions from KOT


On Thursday, Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) woke up to the news that their favorite YouTube Couple Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan boyfriend Moses Mukiibi aka Rnaze were no longer an item.

The breakup propelled “Natalie Tewa” name to take over Twitter trends, with everyone trying to analyse their reasons for the break up.

Rnaze made a revelation that Ms Tewa cheated on him and that was why he decided to end the relationship.


Natalie stated that Rnaze was jealous of her success and very abusive in their affair forcing her to end the relationship.

Those who had no idea or information that the coupled existed, poked fun at their break up wondering if it was a new scandal in the country.

Reaction from Netizens

“I saw Natalie Tewa trending, and seeing as I didn't know who this was, I thought it's another Kenyan corruption scandal” wrote Edwin Kuria.

Others argued that it was not right for the couple go public with the breakup no matter what transpired.


Afrocentric‏ @Shujaamentality “Natalie Tewa is a Vlogger who cheated on her Man while he was on a trip to UG. It’s his Bday & she is now using her social media influence to label his emotional outbust that was triggered by her betrayal and is calling for his arrest. These Hoes ain’t Loyal”

Am Blessed @natalie_tewa shaming a man who've seen you naked more than once ain't nothing but disrespect!! You got into a relationship with him coz of money or?? Please stop parading your stupidity girl!! Go date your "fame" silly”

Stephanie Otieno‏ @agurlhasnoname “One of my girls was besties with Natalie Tewa in high school and people nicknamed her “shimo la Tewa” because she was a hoe like that. Anyone who knows her from high school knows her by that name. Apparently she’s still hoeing. I’m not shook”


WaitheraK‏ @WaiitheraK “So Natalie Tewa cheated on her bae??? The way they were relationship goals. Let's stop this youtube goals, you're stressing us and you're just mediocre social media couple.

Eldon Langat‏ @Kevlan_ “Rnaze drops a bombshell on why he broke up with Natalie Tewa. She cheated on him. Well, I know feminists with still castigate Rnaze for the breakup”

tiger_254‏ @254Tiger “Now that Natalie Tewa was the one cheating am patiently waiting for her to accuse her Bae for either physically abusing her or cheating too we know our women.”


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