Confusion as Betty Kyallo’s ‘twin’ gets married (Photos)

"I thought it was Betty Kyallo." One fan said.

This is because the bride bore a striking resemblance to Betty Kyallo and for a moment a lot of people thought that Betty Kyallo had walked down the aisle again.

“I thought it's Betty Kyallo.” christinengema wrote with muthoni_mbai adding “Huyu bride anafanana @bettymuteikyallo sana.”

The bride has been identified as  Chari Mwamkuu and the groom  as Stephen Mwakesi.

Images:Kanze Dena/IG

This is not the first time Betty’s ‘twin’ has been spotted in the interwebs, just last year an 18-year-old girl  named Pra Splendi caught the attention of Betty because of their uncanny resemblance.

So how did this Pra and Chari end up looking so much like the TV star and yet they are not related? Well as Cornell University neurobiologist Michael Sheehan put it “There is only so much genetic diversity to go around, if you shuffle that deck of cards so many times, at some point, you get the same hand dealt to you twice.”

So two completely-unrelated people can end up looking alike because of a similar combination of genes thus Pra, Chari and Betty's striking similarities.


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