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Eric Omondi reveals the truth behind his Naked-leaked Video

Omondi has been on the receiving end after the video leaked online

He stated that the naked video was not meant to be go on social media, as he was shooting a traditional video dubbed “River lake Nilotes that happens to be talking about life in the old days.

“I had trusted the team I was working, I shot it to post it, and if you were carefully a had posted a few photos from the shoot, but later pulled them down. Many people did not have a problem with the photos, as first they were black and white. I captioned them "wakanda 1936", so that they could relate. The problem came when the naked video was leaked online. I’m not aware of who leaked  it but were are doing investigations within our circle to ascertain who did it. I had a small team from my production department and a few members of the Turkana County Government. ” said Eric Omondi


Asked about his apology to Kenyans, the Untamed Man insisted that he only apologised because the video was leaked online, and not that he was swimming in a river naked.


“I apologized for it going on social media and not because I was swimming naked in a river. You know when you go to Roman, you do what they do, and swimming in a river naked is not a big deal. We have been doing this things from way back. The wrong thing here is that my video got on social media and I apologized for that. I totally agree with Kenyans the act was indecent”

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He went ahead to reveal that he had talked to the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua after he expressed his concerns over the viral video.

“I talked to Ezekiel Mutua, he was even surprised to learn that the video was shoot in Turkana. We discussed a lot and he offered me a piece of advice. I will be meeting him next week. Tuesday”


Omondi signed off by asking his fans not to drift away, just because of the one mistake.


“To my fans, even marriages have problems, siku moja tu jameni , I will continually apologize to Kenyans, that was not intentional, this video was not supposed to go out on social media. It was unfortunately leaked, but I won’t repeat that.”

"OUR PRIORITIES as a nation could be misplaced. At the very time we were discussing an African boy who swam in a river, a young college boy was shot dead and a National Hospital operated on the wrong patient. I'd love to know the story of this young man. What was he studying? What were his dreams? Was he the only child?


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