KTN’s Ben Kitili weighs in on the trending Alex Mwakideu’s cheating allegations

Lakini my opinion does not in any way exempt anyone's choices from consequences- Kitili

Milele FM's Alex Mwakideu

KTN News Anchor Ben Kitili has weighed in on Alex Mwakideu’s cheating allegations, that were made public by YouTuber Edgar Obare.

In a tweet, Kitili poked holes in Obare’s exposés stating that most of them are one-sided stories, carrying half-baked proof. He went on to question his method of acquiring the messages he always shares via his Insta-stories.

“The thing with the Edgar Obare type of 'exposés' is that it's poorly done journalism. One-sided stories, half-baked proof, more trolling than truth. Yet he's using that to break homes, defame & maybe make money. Is he using spy software? I hope he has read the cyber-crimes act,” reads a Tweet from Kitili.

The process

In another tweet, Kitili added that in this era people can forge WhatsApp chats juts to destroy someone else.

“Lakini my opinion does not in any way exempt anyone's choices from consequences... I am simply focussing on the process..in these streets you can forge whatsapp chats and end someone, then hide behind 'hide my identity,''added Kitili.

Media Personality Sharon Momanyi also joined the conversation saying “He’s repeatedly said that he always gives a right of reply? And that he gets his stories from legitimate sources. I imagine if not, he’d b neck up with law suits? But what do I know.I may not support this kind of “tea reporting”-but it exists. Even mainstream journalism has casualties”.

Cheating Allegations

On Thursday, Radio Presenter Alex Mwwakideu was a trending topic on a number of social media platforms over cheating allegations labeled against him by Edgar Obare. Going by the leaked chats that have been circulated on social media Mwakideu is being accused of being in a secret affair with his former Colleague at Milele FM identified as Irene Barungi.

The exposé ignited a heated debate on Twitter with a section defending the radio presenter saying those are just mere allegations with no proof, while other castigated Obare for intruding other people’s affairs.

This comes days after Mwakideu’s co-host Jalang’o was also on the spot after chats from his Boys Club WhatsApp group leaked online.

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