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Popular musician speaks after she was jailed in Tanzania

S.K Macharia came to her rescue

“They read charges and we raised our hands to explain how our passports were taken. But the magistrate did not understand us. He said, ‘Nimeshasoma, mmeshafungwa (I’ve already read and you are already convicted). They didn’t give us a chance to defend ourselves. We were taken back to the cells and later to prison,” she said while speaking to Sunday Nation.

Lady Maureen also disclosed that what befell her and her band members was because of a promoter who tricked her into going to Mwanza for two shows during Easter.


She added that the promoter took their temporary passports as soon as they arrived at the Sirare boarder to go and clear them.

” said Lady Maureen.

She added that as soon as they were done with their shows and asked for payment from the promoter, she refused to pic her calls and that is when immigration officers came to her hotel room and told her that they had arrested her band members.


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