Larry Madowo exposes fraudster claiming to be his manager

Don’t get conned!

Larry Madowo exposes fraudster claiming to be his manager

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Africa Business Editor Larry Madowo has exposed a fraudster claiming to be his manager.

In a tweet on Saturday, Larry warned his followers and anyone that would want to work with him to be wary, not to get conned using his name.

He went on to say that he did not know the man that goes by the name Wilkings Odinga Fadhili and he had never even met the guy.

WARNING! I don’t know who this individual is and I’ve never met him. I’m taking legal action so don’t get conned using my name,” wrote the former NTV news anchor and The Trend host.

His warning came after the fraudster listed Larry Madowo as one of the five brands he manages and went on to say are currently competing on a global level.

This is however, not the first time he has warned Kenyans to be cautious of conmen using his name to steal from innocent people.

Warning to Kenyans

Three weeks ago, Larry announced on Instagram that he would never ask for money from anyone and that he did not run any money making schemes.

He went on to expose eight Facebook pages that claimed to be his and were extorting money from innocent people.

WARNING. None of these are my Facebook accounts. I only have one verified public page. I don’t run any money-making schemes and I would never ask you for money. I also don’t write clickbait content. Please unfriend and report them,” warned Larry Madowo.


After Larry Madowo's warning to Kenyans, Wilkings Odinga Fadhili who got wind of what was going on issued a statement apologizing to Larry Madowo.

He went on to say that it is his former social media manager who created the post but got what he was supposed to do wrong.

"Hello Larry Madowo I’m really sorry about this, I used to have a social media manager whom I used to give him direction in regards to what to post. Apparently he got the drill wrong. He was supposed to post from a brand evaluation perspective and not from working with you perspective, I never got time to check the post if he had posted as I had instructed him, I’m really sorry about this...." wrote Wilkings Odinga Fadhili.


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