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Put a ring on it – Larry Madowo told after sharing photo with gorgeous news anchor

They are tired of waiting!

Put a ring on it – Larry Madowo told after sharing photo with gorgeous news anchor

“Living our best lives now in Paris with one of my realest, smartest friends. But  is also one of the silliest. I keep her around because she teaches me fancy things and she’s a general riot,” captioned Madowo who first shared their photo.


His followers were stunned by how beautiful they both looked and some of them called on the BBC Africa Business Editor to settle down with the gorgeous Edith Kimani.

Here is what they said;

cathymutindambala A man who hovers around a beautiful girl without stating his intentions will fetch water at her wedding. Ni msemo tu Larry.

_see_vicky_you look good together

kanescielny_le_gooner Patie yeye mimba


mccall_kevin.... And and you you will both have a together

254.douchebags budah tutolee jam, friendzone hadi lini. Nkt. ati friends!

virginiah_njunge Beautiful friendship right there.....


fay_jebet Do you remember that kafunny date you two had hahaha @Larrymadowowe need to see your wife soon, ata si galfriend tena.

wanguipetty@254.douchebagsnimependa hilo jimbu I'm not alone Kumbe

johnydemands I like Larry he never replies to the bullshit of when are you getting married. Please people let the man do his thing. When his time is ready he will marry.

fr._ssempala_kagwima_wakahora Congratulations! At last!

brendaoganga Beatiful people


_burna_difre Larry inemidinona, i wanna marry

edithkimani Go on Larry. Put a ring on it- around that paper. Like a rubber band ring

nganga_wangui Marry her asap

macere_dennis Marry her ..acha ufala

bishopgee254 Huyu mrembo ametosha


m.a.njoroge She’s so beautiful

onsombivinn Hapana tambua friendzone

tysonomolo You two should date, the chemistry is real!


namuyaitukon Larry take this chance and make it memorable..

terryannmwinza@larrymadowo when will you say with your wife????

javan_reed Chapa ilale

natasha.kimani Marry her you look good together

maghie_pearl@johnydemands or maybe just maybe he is married already he has kept his family from the public,he is the celeb not them#justthinking


georgekasmaYou guys can make the best couple .


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