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Lilian Muli’s powerful statement that has gone viral

Popular News anchor's Message to haters

The message was directed to Lilian Muli’s haters. The Television beauty fired shots to repellent egoists who spew negativity. The controversial news anchor tells those hating to work on their insecurities before spilling hate messages all over.

Her Instagram post read:

For all you idle, bored hating types who feed off negative vibe you spew about others in your shady closed platforms you don't even know the people you talk about and you never will! You've only seen them on magazines or Tv or heard them on Radio and you claim you know them. You are a fan in denial. Work on your insecurities first it takes a very emotionally unstable person to spread hateful lies. But then again there is no publicity that is bad publicity...y'all just mad at yourselves...For real though get Help; brands pay to get advertised you on the other hand are so philanthropic you advertise them free of Charge; so you make the brand popular and where does that leave you?


Fans reactions

The post touched a chord hence evoking reactions from Lilian’s fans. Betty Kyalo, a KTN news anchor was quick to share her story on the comments. Betty’s post read:

Love it babe. That’s the truth. Kwanza juzi they were discussing how dark my armpit it is. I was like my armpit is subject for a discussion. They even have a problem with my imperfections that I don’t worry about. I love it. As they were Love. Waendelee

Other instagram followers’ comments read;

I n many others love what you do n that is a reason we are inspired to venture in that world. You work so hard. I wish people would know what goes behind the scenes before any presentation and you do it so well. Mad loooove n respect ma'


You know you're a gem when people keep adjusting their sunglasses to be able to see you coz you shine so bright you blind them! Wacha waseme........

Negative portrayed

Female celebrities have been negatively portrayedlately. A blogger by the name Cyprian Nyakundi has continuously tarnished feminine public figures. The self-proclaimed boy child president has severally shared stories that depicted female Television personalities negatively.


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