Lillian Muli reveals the truth about split from ex-hubby Moses Kanene

That’s the tea sis.

Lillian during her wedding to Kanene (Courtesy)

Lillian Muli wed Moses Kanene at the Windsor Golf Course in 2009 and about 4 years later, rumours started circulating that Lillian had split from him.

At that point news of the break up was just gossip but Lillian inadvertently confirmed that she had split with Kanene during a 2014 interview with TV host Jeff Koinange.

Jeff had come to Citizen TV for an interview to promote his new book ‘Through My African Eyes’ and was signing a copy of his book for Lillian when he asked whether he should add Kanene to her name and Lillian quickly replied with, “No, Muli is just fine.”

Adultery, cruelty and desertion

2 years later, court papers acquired by a local tabloid revealed that Lillian had split from Kanene due to ‘adultery, cruelty and desertion’. After this information came to light, people started claiming that domestic violence is the reason why she always styles her hair in bangs, to hide a scar she had acquired during one of her fights with Kanene.

Lillian has now disclosed that claims of ‘adultery, cruelty and desertion’ were untruths as she split from Kanene because they grew apart.

“We weren’t happy anymore, we just got to a place where we weren’t friends and I felt strangulated and I felt that the Lillian I knew was getting suffocated in this environment. And we mutually opted that it wasn’t working we agree to go our separate ways and it’s easier that way without unnecessary drama. You know once you have a child with someone that person is with you forever,” she revealed on Talk Central.

Though they split, Lillian has nothing but praises for her ex.

“He is an extremely intelligent man so he guided me a lot along that process. It is what it is. Things didn’t work out but he is a person I respect to date,” she said.


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