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Wavinya Ndeti embarrasses Machakos First Lady over ‘shameful’ bikini pics

Wavinya had some harsh words for the Machakos First Lady .

“How dare she? She has a reputation to maintain!” Some wondered out loud while shaking their virtual fists in indignation over her perceived crimes against ‘African dignity’ and the political position her husband held.

But Lillian was not here for it and asked them to fall all-the-way-back with this comment “Lol Lol! Look at y'all up in here with your unsolicited opinions koz of a few pics in a swimsuit (which everyone wears or can wear!) Lighten up folks. Direct your opinions to things that matter eg; the 4th Industrial revolution. Climate change etc etc- you get the drift :)?! Oh, also IG has an Unfollow button. Feel free :)!”

Now Wavinya Ndeti has given her two cents on the whole issue and is not impressed by Lillian's bikini pics.


Speaking to the Nairobian Wavinya Ndeti said Machakos people do not even acknowledge Lillian as the first lady because they only recognize Mutua’s estranged wife Josephine Thitu Maundu who unlike Lillian “cannot entertain such behaviour Lillian is exhibiting.”

She then went on to add that Lillian’s bikini pics were ‘extreme’ when compared to how other women wear bikinis before admonishing her for being a bad role model.

“She has painted a bad picture even for our young girls,” Wavinya added.

Even the Machakos Chamber of Commerce Simon Kitheka chimed in with “I do not think that is the behaviour expected of her and we cannot also term her as the Machakos First Lady.”


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