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Linda Muthama: I was not Nyambane’s wife, I was his mistress – Former TPF singer reveals

After a controversial relationship, Linda Muthama split with comedian Nyambane in 2014 after years and a daughter together.

“I was not a second wife, I was a mistress,” Linda confessed to journalist Yvonne Aoll.

She also added that she wasn’t one of those mistresses that were hidden away from the wife she actually met her and she was okay with their relationship.

“She was okay with it. People presume to know a lot about what happened, and that’s another thing, I’ve sat at a table where everyone discussed me, without knowing I was there. I didn’t subscribe to all that scrutiny, I just sang, but I’m okay with it. It’s part of the package.” The former TPF contestant disclosed.


Linda revealed that she doesn’t know how she ended up in that situation all she knows is that she loved Nyambane.“Life happened. It all just happened. It wasn’t a scheme or a plan or a ploy, it just happened.”

And unlike what people thought getting out of that relationship was hard. This is because she had no exit plan when she got into it. “I went through it all and I got out on the other side. It’s hard because it all just happens and there’s no plan on how to get out...It’s not easy.”


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