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Linus Kaikai welcomes Ezekiel Mutua to 10 over 10 after stepping out dressed like this (Photo)

Kaikai pokes fun at Mutua

Linus Kaikai, Ezekiel Mutua and Willis Raburu

Royal Media Services (RMS) Director of Strategy and Innovation Linus Kaikai has welcomed KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua to 10 over 10 after he stepped out dressed casually unlike his norm of rocking suits.

On Tuesday, Mutua shared a photo rocking shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt complemented by a round hat, a thing that prompted Kaikai to poke fun at him by referring to him as the ‘new 10 over 10 host’.

“Sasa Twende kazi 10/10Grinning face with smiling eyes Great starter pack for new host!” reads Kaikai’s tweet.


Mutua responded by quoting Willis Raburu’s 10 over 10 signature ‘Wabebe”.

“Lol. . .wabebe!!!!” replied Mutua.

Mutua has joined the list of prominent people who have ditched their suits to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ brought about by the ongoing Coranavirus pandemic.

Willis Raburu who caught wind of the conversation, boldly echoed Kaikai’s sentiments by welcoming Mutua to 10 over 10 with open arms.

“Shout out to Daktari 🤣🤣🤣 WABEBE TO THE WORLD. We welcome you with open arms” reacted Willis Raburu.


Boycott Citizen TV

For the longest time, the KFCB Boss has been Raburu’s biggest critic with accusations of hosting a show that is full of youth dressed in skimpy outfits.

In 2019, Mutua was on record urging Kenyans to boycott Citizen TV, especially 10 over 10 hosted by Raburu.


“Do not abrogate your role as a parent or citizen to others. Do your part. Deny Citizen TV audience, particularly the Willis Raburu crap and it will go off air. “True, 10/10 is the height of immorality. It's scatological filth and exemplifies the breakdown of our moral fabric. The host Willis Raburu has corrupted the airwaves with the "Wabebeee" nonsense that appears to admit underage children, although he says that all those who attend have IDs,” demanded Dr Mutua.


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