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Meet the powerful man married to former NTV news anchor Liz Ntonjira (Photos)

Some say he looks like Polycarp Igathe but you can be the judge.

After their wedding Lizzie and her honey jetted into Mauritius for their honeymoon at the luxurious Trou aux BichesBeachcomber Golf Resort & Spa.

Years before they got married and months after their wedding Liz kept the identity of her husband secret until recently when they celebrated their one year anniversary.


And the reason for her secrecy in the beginning could be that her husband is a very high-profile man. Liz is married to Andrew Mutuma who is the head of DHL Express in Kenya.

Before joining the German logistics company, Andrew was the National Sales and Marketing Manager at TNT Worldwide Express, a courier delivery services company.

After Andrew’s appointment, DHL’s Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa Charles Brewer described him as an asset to the company due to his vast experience.

“With Andrew’s wealth of experience in General Management, Sales and Marketing, I believe that he will be a great asset to DHL Express.” Mr Brewer said.

Away from his career, Andrew is a good husband to Lizizie who has been gushing about her husband.


“I said ‘I Do’ to the most caring, supportive, loving, amazing, incredible partner and friend....the love of my life.....words are not enough to express how much you mean to me! It still feels like the first time we met…” One of her post read.

While in another one Liz added “One of the questions I get asked a lot this days is ‘Babe, how's marriage?’. I think a lot of the times the people asking are hoping that I heave a heavy sigh in response as a sign of ‘why did I get into this’ , while some genuinely ask out of curiosity and the hope to know a thing or two of how to make it work. What I always say is "Marriage is a beautiful thing". It's the most beautiful thing when shared with the person to whom is your friend, confidant, supporter and your biggest cheerleader. It's been a year and I'm glowing- even my unexplained weight gain is just happy weight. Marriage is amazing when you respect each other, acknowledge each other's strengths and weaknesses, care for each other, support each other, defend each other....and sometimes agree to disagree on some issues... It's a fascinating experience in which you have to put in the work and invest time in. When you are passionate about a hobby say for instance it could be swimming or golfing or gardening-- you will always put in time to nurture that passion, right? Same thing happens to marriage. You have to learn to invest time in each other, do fun things that you're both passionate about, surprise each other... make it interesting and worthwhile. One thing though, never compare your relationship to someone else's. That kills it. You can learn from other couples...but don't compare and wish for others people's rship. All in all, it's about the two of you making it work. There will be set backs here and there, but your come backs will speak volumes of your relationship. Make that come back strong and more importantly, enjoy the journey!”


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