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Twitter Bigwig blows 100,000 Kshs on a night out in Murang’a before calling it pocket change

Ballin seems to come naturally to one of the most prominent social media personalities in Kenya . And not just ballin…but balling hard as F**K.

Lord Gichohi's bill

What caught many was not what he took but how much he paid for it ….a staggering Ksh 98,900! That like Ksh 100,000 . For  a local pub in Murang’a.

Lord Gichohi whose rags-to-riches story still baffles and amazes many, dismissed the question on his source of wealth when we placed a call to him to ask him about the mind-boggling bill.

“Haha …hio sio pesa mingi anyway. I don’t know what the big deal is. I didn’t even know we would get there…like I would pay all that for that night. We just went on for a few drinks with some of my political boys and some five hours later, this is what we had to pay .  Lakini sisi tuko sawa tu. Its not that big of a deal…. “ he said.


The “political boys “ that Lord is referring to include a Gubernatorial candidate for a Central Kenya seat and Mr. Simon Kamangu , the Starehe MP aspirant.

Mr. Kamangu , who has traversed the city in a bid to unseat the incumbent Hon. Maina Kamanda, refused to talk i n details to us only confirming that he was was on the table when this humongous bill was tabled.

But also added that most of the drinks that were bought by them last night actually ended up in the mouths of almost everyone in the pub.

“We were at some local bar huko Murang’a. Hundreds of Supporters flooded the place when they heard we were there. Ikabidi wananchi wanunuliwe kitu pia wao. Si hio ni sawa pia?” he said .

Gichohi ,w ho goes by the name @KanYERI West on Twitter, is rumored to work for State House or to have connections to the State House press pool and as for Hon. Kamangu, as his friends already call him, his millions are not that much of a mystery.


Looks like this was one hell of a night! And for rich people, it ain’t that much of an issue anyway.

But Ksh 100,000? For one night of partying? Good Lord!


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