Lulu Hassan opens up on challenges of anchoring news with Hubby Rashid Abdalla

Changamoto zipo- Lulu

Lulu Hassan opens up on challenges of anchoring news with Hubby Rashid Abdalla

You might be wondering how it feels working with your spouse in the same office. There are those who call it couple goals while for others is a big no.

Citizen TV News Anchor Lulu Hassan has opened up on the challenges she faces everyday working with her husband Rashid Abdalla on a daily basis, at Royal Media Services (RMS).

In recent Interview with Millard Ayo while in Tanzania, Lulu mentioned that despite maintaining high levels of professionalism while anchoring news with her hubby, people always watch to see if they have issues through their body language.

We have challenges

“Changamoto zipo maanake wakati tunaposoma habari, kila mtu anawaangalia na jicho la tatu kutaka kujua kweli hawa leo wamekosana? Unajua kuna wakati mwingine tunasoma habari za huzuni back to back huwezi smile wakati huo, sasa unapata mtu anasema kweli leo hawajapatana, wamekosana? Ratiba yetu nitofauti na mbali na kwamba Jumamosi na Jumapili tuko pamoja studio but during the week huwa hatuko pamoja,” said Lulu Hassan.

Last year, Ms Hassan admitted that her biggest fear while working with her hubby is that her young daughter might fall ill and they might be forced to choose between who takes care of the baby and who goes to work.

The fear I have

“We have not had a major challenge but what our fear is that now because we have a baby, there might be a time she will not be feeling well, God forbid, and we will have to choose who will be responsible for the baby and who will be working,” said Lulu.

The Citizen TV power couple became the first couple to anchor news together on main stream media, making history in the Kenyan media industry.

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