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Akothee excites Netizens with bold advice to women

Madam Boss has spoken!!!

According to the outspoken singer, women should understand that their bargaining power lies between their brains and between their Legs.

“Women should know that their bargaining power lies between their brains and between their legs not beauty! Men will soon finish your sensors since they will never say no to any available sex ! Catch me dead on my exes bed! It’s not all inclusive!  Roger that. Even baboons attract tourists, so if you think your Ex still wants you because you are pretty, just go back to your books of records and ask why you broke up? The saddest feeling is after having sex with a man and they don't pick up your call or you meet him with another woman & he ignores you? Thats when you feel used & imagine you could ask for your sex back just the same way men ask for their investments once they stop being horny !” reads part of Akothe’s statement


Madam boss added that women are responsible to their children in each and every move they make.

“EEEEH EEEH , How will I collect my sex back yawa! Gini nyalo litna malonyra kata duk!!! An Akoth gigena ok Cham Oyuma, eeee okidiyaka kamano ok an mwandu sirkal, Translate. Sijataja mtu I am talking to my partners in crime, kama hayakuhusu pita️ OYOYO LINK ON MY BIO. If men take us to court claiming the properties they once gave us as gifts while enjoying the goodies? Show me the court where I can go and ask for my sex back! If not feeling empty, rejected, frustrated, humiliated and used behind doors . As for me , if you give me a spoon as a gift then it has to be documented !If you give me a car , I will ask for the log book do a search then I can call it mine ! You won't dangle a carrot on my face, the world shaped me this way WOMEN ARE WE THERE ? As A woman you are responsible to your children in each and every move you make , make wise moves asayi”



‘Well said akothee,dos words are true n can testifie to dat big up presidentofalsinglemums’

“write a book for us ladies,,madam boss, I like and admire you”

“ am taking lessons here thank u mama”

“Akoth speaks her mind I like this Jaber”

"Thanks sweetie for your inspiration...Love you big"


"I would love to meet you one of this lucky days..."


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