Kansiime to intensify search for Maina Kageni's wife in Uganda

This comes after she received a request.

For years, fans have been urging Maina Kageni to get a wife and if you go through his timeline, you will definitely bump into a comment asking him when he will get married.

The mania with Maina’s marital life can be attributed to the fact that he is well-off financially and is of appropriate age so in people’s minds he should have settled down by now.

This concern for Maina has now been presented to Ugandan comedian Kansiime by a fan who commented this on a pic of Maina and Kansiime “He is Maina Kageni and he is not able to get any lady here in the land of NYS…kindly my Ninja get him a Nyabo (lady) when he comes to visit..Churchil..go to M7 land and negotiate jokingly for Migingo/Mijingo.”

And Kansiime disclosed that she is willing to get him a nyabo by writing “That’s the plan”


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