Mash Mjukuu clears the air on Papa Dennis’ alleged jump from his studio

Mash Mjukuu sets the record straight!

Mash Mjukuu clears the air on Papa Dennis’ alleged jump from his studio

Mash Mjukuu, the owner of Nairobi Records where Papa Dennis is alleged to have jumped from has come out to clear the air on the singer’s death.

The producer revealed that the late Papa Dennis did not jump from the studio as reports had earlier on indicated.

Speaking to Mambo Mseto, Mash Mjukuu revealed that the singer fell on the opposite side of the building as he had walked out from the studio a few minutes ago, before he met his death.

Jamaa alikua ameanguka on the extreme opposite side of the building kwa mfano studio iko point A naye ameanguka point B mahali tofauti kabisa. Unajua kuna narrative yenye media inasema aliruka kutoka studioni,angekua ameruka kutoka studioni angekuwa chini ya studio lakini alikuwa mahali tofauti extremely opposite side of the road kama kuna uwezekano ni suicide inaamanisha aliweza kutembea maybe mpaka ile side ingine na akajirusha.

“Nataka niset something clear that Media inamislead watu sababu wanasema alikua kwa studio akifanya session all over a sudden akajirusha nje. Haikua hivyo. Ingekua hivyo angepatikana chini ya studio. Mahali mwili wake ulipatikana ilikuwa on the extreme opposite side of the studio” said Mash.

He urged people to be calm and let the police do the investigations instead of spreading lies and propaganda on what transpired leading to Papa Dennis' death. He also disclosed that they would address the matter officially once the police investigations were concluded.

Ile tunaomanba kwa sasa ni kila mtu atulie kwa sababu haisadii kueneea propaganda ambayo haipo sasa hivi tunafuatilia mambo ya post mortem. Polisi walikuja wakafanya investigation, tumekesha pale baada ya Investigation tutaita press conference tuta address that issue officially” added Mash.

He went on to add that those who were with him in the last moments said he was okay. He did not seem troubled. The last person he spoke to was his brother Simon Mwangi who had brought his passport. They then talked fora while before he picked his phone, charger and left.

When he took longer than they had expected, they called him but he didn't receive the call. After a few minutes, someone called them informing them that there was a situation and that's when they found him lying on the floor.

He was still breathing but by the time the ambulance arrived, he had already died.


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