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He gave me a job – Radio Maisha Presenter reveals unknown details about Noordin Haji

The DPP is such a good man

On Tuesday, the reggae Splash host shared sweet memories of how the DPP helped him get his first job at the age of 23 while he was still in campus.

“At the age of 23 I found myself under the Directorship of the current DPP. He had just plucked me from campus and gave me a job offer I couldn't resist. I flew to Mombasa for the first time and he gave me good cash 'to start life. One Sunday morning he came to the news room and I told him our news were dry. Kumekauka. He taught me how to extract news from the security guys. "Pigia King'ori Mwangi, (the then PPO Coast Province) na usianze na kumsalimia. Mdanganye umeskia banki imevunjwa, atashtuka akuambie hajaskia hiyo. He will then tell you yenye nimeskia ni hii.....grab a pen and jot that down. It is a tactic I am still exploring to date - successfully,” shared Mate Tongola.


He also mentioned how he rubbed shoulders with the DPP at one point in his journalism career.

ALSO READ: Revealed: What Jalang’o scored in KCPE and KSCE will surprise you“All was well until one day we crossed paths. It was on a Friday afternoon. I was the news Editor and Elijah Girimani the Programmes Controller at his Mombasa based Radio Station. We were summoned and he almost threw us from the 13th floor of TSS Towers. He was in a cream silk kanzu and a backpack rumored to have his thwao. 33 minutes later he called me for coffee at Dormans cafe downstairs and apologized confessing he over reacted,” added Mate.

“8 years later, he was saw me in my jalopy at the Serena Hotel parking and on peeping inside, he saw the orange light on the dash board (tank empty). He laughed so hard saying mine was a writeoff. He gave me cash for V-Power fuel.” Mate said


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