Maureen Waititu opens up on attempting suicide twice

She speaks!

Maureen Waititu opens up on attempting suicide twice

YouTuber and TV host Maureen Waititu has disclosed that she attempted to take her own life twice.

Speaking during an interview on NTV, the mother of two said that were it not for God’s intervention, she would not be alive.

She narrated that one time, she had decided to drive off to go commit suicide, but it began raining heavily and she decided to go back home, where she sat in the parking lot and cried.

When it stopped raining, Ms Waititu who was now calm went into her house where she found her son waiting for her.

Grace I’ll be honest, I almost took my life twice and each time it was like God was like what you think you are doing. There is a day he intervened I was just gonna drive off somewhere and it started raining and it poured and poured and I just drove back. Sat and cried in eyes out in the parking lot and it did not stop raining. It was on a Sunday I won’t forget. At that point you know after letting it all out, there is some calmness that comes over you and I was like where am I even going? I went back to the house and I found my son waiting for me,” she narrated.

In the interview, Maureen Waititu also spoke on how rejection from her father affected her while growing up as a child, as well as into adulthood.

She talked about how it also affected her relationship with ex-partner Frankie Justgymit.


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