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I almost committed suicide - Mejja

Suicide is a thought that crosses your mind - Mejja

The musician revealed that his spouse left at the point when his hit with the Kansoul ‘Bablas’ was at its peak and he was set to sign a well-paying deal with a brewery company in Thika.

He was also recovering after the removal of his appendix.

Mejja disclosed that when he went to sign the contract in Thika he just got a text urging him to move on with his life. And at first, he thought it wasn’t meant for him but he later realised that something was amiss when she wouldn’t pick up his calls.


“We were in good terms and had been together for 5 years. All of a sudden when I went to sign a contract I got a text asking me if I had arrived safely and I said I did. Then the next thing I got a text telling me to move on with my life. I thought the text was meant for someone else and she had mistakenly sent it to me,” He said on the mid-morning show on Radio Jambo.

Initially, he didn’t understand the gravity of the situation so Mejja decided to deal with it after he was done signing the contract. When he tried calling her later, his calls went unanswered and that is when his instincts started telling him that something was wrong.

And his instincts were right as when he went home his spouse, his child and his house help were gone and some things were missing from their house. The musician disclosed that his wife leaving him left him devastated as he didn’t know what he had done wrong as she was not forthcoming with any explanation.

He was forced to deal with the situation solo as couldn’t share the story with his friends because he didn’t think people would understand him and he considered his feelings ‘petty’. At some point he even considered suicide.

“Suicide is a thought that crosses your mind, I can’t deny that. You feel suicidal because you look at other people’s happy lives and you feel that there is something wrong with your life. It crossed my mind but there was a friend of mine who would come and we would hang out and when the suicidal thoughts crossed my mind we would start talking about stuff like football so he kept me busy and away from my thoughts. But the problem was at night because the negative thoughts would creep in when you are alone. I rarely slept at night,” He revealed.


“It’s good to talk about depression, if you have friends reach out, call them, and see them physically because they lie sometimes that they are okay and they are not… And don’t believe everything you see on social media, because if I didn’t tell you my story you would never know. Don't wish for someone's life because you don’t know their story, ” Mejja advised.


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