It took me 7 years to heal – Michelle Ntalami opens up on her worst relationship

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Michelle Ntalami opens up on her worst relationship

Marini Naturals boss Michelle Ntalami has opened up on her worst relationship experience.

While responding to a question from a follower who wanted to know of an experience she is grateful to have gone through, Michelle said that it was a relationship she had when she was 20 years old.

She went on to say that it completely changed who she is because it broke her down into pieces, and it took her seven years to heal.

Ms Ntalami also noted that she is glad it happened and she has a tattoo that always reminds her of the experience.

At 20yrs, I got into the worst relationship of my life. It changed me till today. It broke me emotionally, physically and psychologically. It took me 7 years to heal from it. In that my next solid relationship from that one was at 27yrs. But I healed, and came out stronger. I’m grateful it happened and for the changes it brought in my life. I’ve got a tattoo on my back, which is a powerful reminder never to let myself go there again,” she wrote.

Michelle Ntalami who has been at the center of discussions over her sexuality with most blogs claiming she is a lesbian also disclosed that she has no fiancé but she believes in love.

She urged her followers not to give up on love and if anyone has found it, they should never let it go.

Not yet. But I strongly believe he’s coming. And he is on his way. P.S; The one thing I’ll never give up on, is LOVE. If you think about it, it’s all we’ve really got here on this earth. We work so hard for the people we love, including ourselves. To you, never give up too! Your love exists, I promise. And if you’ve found yours, hold on tight and never let it go.” added Ntalami.


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