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Woman sends heartbreaking message to young daughter before committing suicide

Kindly do forgive me.

Millicent and her daughter (Facebook)

Millicent ‘Millie’ Kithinji a former student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has become known posthumously after taking her life on Thursday.

Before her death, Millicent had sent out a heartbreaking message to her young daughter Makena asking for forgiveness and praying for God to give her guidance, love and comfort.

“My love...words are hard to form a perfect clause to express the love I have for you. I have fought the battle but seems like am being defeated. I only pray that God may give you guidance, love and comfort. Mom still loves you and will always love you. Kindly do forgive me,” read her message.


She also sent a message to her dad which read “Dad sorry but can’t be able to break the news hope you will forgive me.”

Difficulty in finding a job

From a lengthy message that she sent to her friend on social media, Millie was struggling to get a job despite having a Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management. She had been married before but had to move to her rural home as her baby daddy could no longer sustain them in the city.

“I did a Dip in purchasing and supplies. I know it is hard to get employment as a procurement officer, but if I can get jobs such as store clerk, receptionist, a waitress, sales representative, and cashier at a supermarket or a shop. I think I can do my best because I have suffered a lot. For now, I am not choosy when it comes to jobs as long as it will pay me.


I was married and stayed together with the father of my daughter. I was working at the time I met him and he was running a clinic at Muthiga in Kinoo area. I can say we were financially stable but when I gave birth I lost my job. I remained at the house as he went to work. Unfortunately, it got to a point when his business went down and sustaining us became a big problem. We moved from the one-bedroom house into a bedsitter as we couldn’t afford monthly rent for the previous house and feed the little one. Still, life became worse and I had to take my girl to a day-care and would walk all day into Nairobi CBD and Westlands looking for a job,” part of her post read.

Her baby daddy later returned to further his education in a bid to increase his income and Millicent moved back to her rural home where she would work in tea plantations.

“I have a baby, I am jobless and homeless,” Millie wrote to her friend .


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