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Why Kenyan beauty queen Evelyn Njambi is receiving death threats and attacks from Tanzanians

Evelyn Njambi’s reign as Miss World Kenya was wrought by a scandal that saw the then Miss Kenya Roshanara Ebrahim dethroned over failing to adhere to a strict code of conduct that ‘expects beauty queens to manage their public and private life.’

Miss World Kenya 

There was a lot of back and forth between Roshanara and Ashley’s Beauty, the Miss World Kenya Franchise holders, but after all of it, we saw Miss Evelyn Njambi named as one of the five finalists at the 66edition of Miss World 2016 pageant held late last year in the United States.

After the contestants came back from the U.S.A Miss Tanzania came breathing fire and brimstone after she claimed that Evelyn had plagiarised her work.


Back then, her rants and raves were dismissed as the rant of a jealous woman, but she recently came out with the receipts saying that Evelyn’s video for ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ was posted after hers.

Evidence which you can check out below:

And this time, Tanzanians have taken these accusations seriously and have gone to great lengths to make Evelyn feel like sh*t.

With vulgar insults that could even make the most liberal person feel some typa way, Tanzanians flocked to Evelyn Njambi’s post, calling her all sorts of ugly names with some making alarming threats.

This has instigated and online war between Tanzanians and Kenyans with Xtian Dela leading the online fight with shots at the rate of illiteracy in Tanzania.


Following this incident, Evelyn Njambi has not responded to the accusations levelled against her neither have Miss World Kenya organisers but the Miss World beauty pageant pulled down the video from their You Tube Channel.


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