Capital FM’s Miss Mandi claps back after being trolled over her Cleavage [Photos]

No Chills Manze!!!

The celebrated radio queen was subjected to lots of criticism, with many questioning her dress code, and why her close friends will allow her to step out in such an outfit.

Miss Mandii was pictured receiving a mobile Phone from Safaricom Executive Sylvia Mulinge, while dressed skimpily with her cleavage showing.

Blogger Robert Alai was among those who pointed out miss Mandii’s dressing code by saying, “Make the cleavage sexy not disgusting. I have a right of an opinion feminists can’t take away. Case baadaye!!!”

Dr. Angela Mwikali added “I agree with you. ...the is horrible, this gal doesn't have genuine friends.”

Another user added “I agree with you on this do we have to stand such sights.what a shame.looks like a brookside event for Fs sake.lets dress accordingly”

Despite the heated discussion about her cleavage, Miss mandi  responded to her haters stating that “Y’all bothered by my titties but the one who fondles with them never complains”.

"Men wanna control women so much that they even want to dictate what “decent clothing” we should wear. added Miss Mandi

Comment from KOT

A section of KOT opted to use a famous trend of #WakianikaTunafunika to cover over her cleavage.


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