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Capital FM’s Miss Mandi opens up on battling depression

Miss Mandi reveals!

“After a month of working out, I didn’t “see” any results and that bothered me just like everyone else who is starting their fitness journey. Once the first month was up, life came at me so hard I battled a mini depression. For 3 weeks, I locked myself in my house, I cried, drank and barely ate. If I had to leave the house I would put on a “brave” face. As I wallowed in my dark days, each day  would call me and apart from checking up on me she would say “don’t you think if you went to the gym you’ll feel better?” I would always answer no. For those 3 weeks, the gym was the last place on my mind. I continued being in my shitty cycle,” said Mandi.

Miss Mandi stated that after the 3 weeks she woke up one morning and said it was enough and she was not going to quit on herself.


The radio presenter also revealed that she did not share this with the public because she is a private person and knows that the media likes destroying people at their most vulnerable point.

“I gave myself a major pep talk telling myself I cannot quit on me and on that same day I went to the gym. I vowed to commit to myself as much as life was going according to “plan”. See, I’ve never shared this because this is me being at my most vulnerable and I know the business I’m in loves to tear people over stuff like this. The trolls usually have a field day. I’m usually a very private about my personal life because that’s my form of self-care. .” She said.

Miss Mandi however said that she was thankful to her friends for encouraging and helping her through the journey.


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