Wahu’s comment on Rape Incident at Moi Girls elicits strong reactions

Detectives have already taken DNA samples from eight staff members of Moi Girls

Through her Instagram, Wahu shared a screen-shoot of an article written by Daily Nation, highlighting the response given by Michael Muchiri of Kilimani Police station.

“I am appalled by the comments made by Michael Muchiri of kilimani Police station as per this article in the Daily Nation. The dismissive tone in which he addresses the issue of the minor's RAPE , with the insinuation of this somehow being linked to evading exams is such an insult to women!!! How can rape and sexual assault be accorded the seriousness it deserves from the police, If this is the attitude of such a high ranking officer?? As a woman, a mother of girls and a citizen of this great nation of Kenya I say that this statement is insensitive, unfortunate, degrading and a BIG BIG SHAME!” wrote Wahu.

Wahu’s sentiments were echoed by a good number of Kenyans who joined the conversation to castigate the rape incident that was reported at Moi Girls, forcing the school to be closed for a week.

Reactions from Kenyans

Media Personality Kalekye Mumo said “This is so appalling and so insensitive for a high level officer to take such a tone. So upsetting”

sarah.cherop1 “It's a shame such words coming from a senior police who is raising Females in his house. It's such a disgrace”

lynnsie_lynnz“Finally I have someone who sees and understands... I love you so much for this and may God bless you...I don't want to talk much bt this rape saga has really hurt me... everything they did there was very wrong ...it's a high time rape cases start getting justice in Kenya.”

waangari“What a shame... Who wants to be raped to miss exams???!!! It is pretty sad we live with such insensitive people and worse is that they are supposes to protect us. Such a disgrace!!!”

njawaine_”In Kenya everything is corruption.rape and exams are two different thngs.”

themercymyra“Such degradation and assault of a minor is heartbreaking and this Mr Muchiri who may even be a father to daughter or uncle to a niece or brother to a sister and or son to a mother... is a disgrace with his thoughtlessness!”

agathawambui“Absolutely. Am soo angered by his sic statement. This archaic chauvinistic system that doesn't take rape and sodomy seriously must be abolished.”

wambui85 “This is very painful and very sensitive case and it is a big shame to this how things are being turn round.”

On Monday, Detectives from DCI and the Government Chemist took samples from eight staff members of Moi Girls’ among them six teachers for forensic analysis.


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