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Meet the beautiful lady behind H_art the Band songs...(Photos)

If loves makes poets of all of us then it is some love that turns spoken word artists into singers. Today, we introduce you to the girlfriend of Mordecair, one of the popular trio.


H_art The Band has made a name for themselves crooning away melodious love vibes.

Their classical beats and easy to sing along to tunes are usually interjected by a Mordecai’s blend of spoken word lines. It is usually a match winning performance that has had many asking if there is an inspiration behind all of that.

Finally, we can reveal the woman who inspires such heart melting love songs and who keeps Mordecai’s heart warm with joy. Mordecai’s girlfriend is called Kalekye, she is an artist too, a singer and lover of reggae.

The two are kindred spirits all sporting dreadlocks, loving reggae and a creative taste in fashion. Like Mordecai, she loves bright colored attire and experiments in the wild and outrageous clothing.


The most outstanding thing about her however is her love for her man which she professes proudly and worldly. Kalekye is not shy of flaunting her love and neither is she willing to share him or watch another take him.

The petite lady is fierce where her man is concerned. Here is what she says about her love;

‘I know he is cute But HE IS MINE…Touch him and I will kill you. You came into my life and made it beautiful…crushing on…Always gonna be my MCM.’

‘I don’t need someone perfect…I need someone that makes me feel like am the only one!!! Thanks bae for being there’


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