Most single mothers are hard to love – Churchill show comedian YY

They rarely heal from their pasts - YY

Most single mothers are hard to love – Churchill show comedian YY (Jalang'o with YY)

Churchill show comedian YY has said that single mothers are very hard to love as they make decisions based on how it affects their children.

Speaking after a follower through Instagram’s asking me a question session sought to know if he could marry a single mother, the comedian said that if it is God’s will then he can.

Can you marry a lady with a kid?” asked the fan.

YY stated that single mothers make their decisions based on their children and could make one feel like they are third parties in the relationship.

He went on to say that most times, it’s about how the single mother feels and not about how things should be or should be done.

The comedian pointed out that in most instances, the baby daddies control their emotions and they never really move on from their past relationships.

YY however, noted that a good single mother is one who has emotions but puts them aside when it comes to decision making and acts on logic.

Yeah if it is of God… But most single mothers are hard to love as; 1. They make decisions 100% based on their children or how it influences them. This makes you close to a third wheel… “what will my child think?” 2. It’s more of how they feel not how things should be… 3. They rarely heal from their pasts 4. The baby daddy is always in control of her emotions and moods. A great single mother is she who has emotions but only acts on logic,” responded YY.

In the ask me a question on Instagram, YY also responded to many questions from his followers, among them details of his love life, and life away from the public.


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