How Kenyan male celebrities celebrated the mothers of their children (List)

Kenyan male celebrities gush over the mothers of their children with sweet Mother's Day messages.

From comedian and new dad Njugush to nominated senator Isaac Mwaura, these celebrity dads gushed on their spouses and mothers of their children on social media.

Here is what they had to say.


The new dad gushed over his wife on social media and in true Njugush fashion, it was hilarious.

"Wewe mama nanii, mother's day nayo ya leo ni legit...nimekuwish mob za vako lakini ya leo nayo ni ya can cheat can lie.... Jinice mama nanii....wewe ni yule mseeOnce you go kamba you don't come back.....nimetii hapa sitoki nanii.....alafu si I'll bomoa you my guy??????juu nimekujenga siku mob???"


Gospel artist Bahati showed some appreciation for the mothers of his children. Him and Diana Marua also revealed the face of their daughter for the first time in the most epic way.

"Happy Mother's Day My Love. Thank You for being the best Mother to my Daughter  ❤ You're One in a Billion; Hakuna Mwingine kama Weeh Sifa Zote Mi Nampa Yahweh."

"Happy Mother's Day Mama Mueni. I Respect you as the Mother to my First Born Daughter."

3.Phil Karanja

Even though he is not Catherine Kamau's son's biological father, he stepped up to the role and deservingly earned himself the title.

"Greatest mummy of all time  happy mothers day. We love you."

4.Isaac Mwaura

Nominated senator, Isaac Mwaura celebrated his mother and his wife on Mother's Day while also championing the benefits of breastfeeding.

"Happy mothers day to all the mothers doing so much to bring up little ones and to those who have brought us up starting with my mother and  the mother of my children. I fully support the breast feeding campaign. It's time we accorded mothers the dignity that they deserve. The benefits of breast feeding are immense and go ahead to not only improve our life long health, but reduce the burden on our health system."

5.Tedd Josiah

Tedd Josiah lost his fiance last year, leaving behind their then three month-old daughter. This would have been her first Mother's Day.

"To an Angel up in heaven, To a mother Resting In Peace  You put all that you were into being the best Mom EVER & even though you were a Mom for only 3 months you honestly were the greatest Mom I’ve ever seen! To give of urself even through ur pain, to make  Her Royal Highness  the happiest little baby was magical to see. From the moment we conceived and the entire 9 months of carrying her, i knew you were going to make the best mom in the world!You gave and gave and gave, you loved and loved and then loved some more.Why God took you from this little child only He knows. I can never be half the mother you were to little Jay Jay so please take care of her from heaven, watch over us so that we make it thru. Speak to God for us & love us from there as we both love you.Thank you mommy for being everything to us.This is your 1st Mother’s Day and we wish you a happy one our angel

Signed Jameela W. Josiah & daddy"

6.DJ Mo

"Its not easy it’s by the grace of God to be a Mum , but you still make it look so easy - it’s been a journey and words can not explain how gorgeous you have been - Happy Mother’s Day."

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there.


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