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Actor Kevin Samuel opens up on his Igiza role, makes comeback in local scene

Kevin Samuel who is based in London with his family is a brother to TV personality Janet Mbugua

Kevin Samuel and Serah Ndanu. Actor Kevin Samuel opens up on his Igiza role, makes comeback in local scene

Legendry Kenyan actor Kevin Samuel famed for his role in Kenyan TV series Mali has officially made a comeback in the local scene as a main character in Showmax series dubbed Igiza.

Samuel who is returning in the Kenyan film scene after 7 years, has spilled the beans on his new Igiza role and what the series means to his acting career.

According to the notable actor, he got his role as Reggie in Igiza when the world was still in lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic – Covid-19.

“I got the role as a matter of timing. I happened to be here, and it just fit into my schedule. I was actually supposed to be in London but that didn’t work out due to the pandemic. So I decided to stay in Kenya for a while as see what else o could do apart from my work in psychology. Then came Igiza,” Kevin Samuel revealed.


The actor narrates that he knew that the series had the markings of a hit judging by the high calibre of actors casted in it.

“I heard who they were considering casting. And I'm looking at their work with fresh eyes because I didn’t know all of them back then. And I'm like, yeah, that's going to be interesting because these are some high calibre actors and high calibre people,” Kevin Samuel remarked.

Talking about his role in Igiza, Samuel who was casted as Reggie disclosed that his role fits him well because he is was once an addict.

“I found my personal connection in Reggie. I was drawn to Reggie because he’s an addict and I was once an addict too. He might not be a confessed addict, but he is an alcoholic and he's addicted to money. And those two things, amongst others, have really brought him to where he is right now,” the actor noted.


Samuel has been clean for three years now, having checked himself into rehab before he hit rock bottom. Reggie is a cautionary tale of what his life could have been.

“Reggie is a reminder of how things could have gone if I hadn't decided to take that step. So that has been the most profound thing for me,” he says.

Adding that; “You see a lot of men in their mid-40s, who are basically just trying to string one day to the next. And a lot of them are drinking very heavily. Although it might not be seen societally as an addiction, Reggie, to me, is a way of presenting the picture and saying, actually, it is an addiction,”.


Pitting twin sisters (Linda and Nicole - both played by Serah Ndanu) against each other, Igiza finds its villain (or at least one of them) in Reggie, an ambitious schemer with insatiable greed.

Reggie is actually the one behind Linda and Nicole’s bitter rivalry - having swayed Linda to the unforgivable betrayal that lands her twin Nicole in prison for life.

In the present, Reggie, now more adept in his machinations, uses his wife’s fashion business to launder money for a dangerous cartel.


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