Confusion as contradicting information emerge on Doreen Gatwiri’s assault case

Doreen walked away from TV last year

Despite, attaching supporting documents as prove to her assault case, Kenyans pointed out that the dates generated on the Medical form were not matching.

Also the form lucked an official stamp from Avenue Hospital where she had visited to be examined.

Her post in Kilimani Mums and Dads (Facebook group) prompted Kenyans to give the following observations;

Contradicting Information

“Mahali tu umeanguka ni date za barua ya Hosi, printed ni 11/4/2017, 9.20am but written ni 26/2/2018, otherwise pole mrembo but take the right actions.”

“There is a conflict of dates on the same page?????????????????? How?” pointed out one user

“You went to hospital on date 17 April 2017 somebody to make me understand this”

“Lakini hapo chini it says she was treated on the 26th. The handwritten part.”

“Can you report criminal matter in traffic department?”

“How come the hospital didn't stamp and the police reference too has no stamp”


“hii paper was printed before your treated almost a year b4. look at date which was generated from computer 11/4/2017 9.20am but date of treatment 26/2/2018 sue your crime mate instead”

“I don't think you are genuine in this case. Can you confirm you are legally married to this man?That medical report is not up to date.”

Ms. Gatwiri had accused the Wiper party lawmaker of assaulting her at their Karen home resulting in serious head and back injuries.

“Writing this with a lot of fear. My life is in danger. This evening at about 9.50pm my husband MWINGI CENTRAL MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT GIDEON MULYUNGI assaulted me at our Karen Home and I sustained head injuries at the back of my ear resulting to my left ear going numb,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

Gatwiri, who is also a lawyer reported the matter at Hardy police station under OB number 36 and described the nature of the occurrence as assault.

She alleged that this was not the first time Mr. Mulyungi had assaulted her accusing the MP of having anger issues.

“I managed to report the matter at Hardy Police Station. I fear for my life because he always threatened me that I really don’t know who he is.

"This assault is not the first or second time. I did it to protect my home and his anger condition..pls help," she said.

"She reported the matter on Monday and was supposed to leave the hospital and come back to the station with her forms. We are waiting for to kick of the procedures," the officer said.

Doreen i s yet to clarify on the contradicting dates in her assault documents. sought a comment from Mr. Mulyungi but he disconnected the line at the mentioned of his wife's name.

At the time of going to press Ms Gatwiri had also not responded to our series of questions concerning the 'domestic violence'.


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