Mr. Seed reveals details of his last message to Bahati

Mr. Seed speaks!

Mr. Seed reveals details of his last message to Bahati

Gospel singer Moses Tarus Omondi popularly known as Mr. Seed has revealed details of his last message to his former boss at EMB, Bahati.

Speaking in an interview with NTV Sasa, Seed said that the last text he sent to the ‘Ndani Ya’ singer, he told him how he felt about what had happened between them and asked for forgiveness from Bahati for any wrong he did.

He also told Bahati that he had forgiven him.

The last time tuliongea ni mimi nilimtext kusummarize kila kitu vile ilifanyika nikamwambia pole kama nilimkosea na nikamwambia pia mimi nilifeel hivi but nimerelease everything, nimekusamehea. Sikumbuki kama alijibu,” said Mr. Seed.

In the interview, Seed also disclosed that he was never signed at EMB Records, but he was there to support a dream they always had while growing up.

Bahati and Mr. Seed have been friends since they were young and have known one another for 17 years.

Before EMB ikuwe tulikuwa na hio dream like 10 years back na Bahati tulikuwa tunadream one day God anatufanyia hivi tukasaidiana mahali inafaa and then akapata resources mbele yangu. So vile alikuja akaniapproach tuwork mimi sikuingia kwa contract ya biashara. Mimi niliingia nikama nasupport brother na vision yenye naiunderstand vizuri,” added Seed.

Mr. Seed quits EMB

This comes a few days after Mr. Seed announced that he had quit the Bahati owned Record label Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB).

In a post on Instagram, Seed disclosed that he had decided to leave EMB with the purpose of going independent and to give a chance to other upcoming artistes to benefit from the platform he was given at EMB Records.


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