Sauti Sol’s Savara causes a commotion with a picture of his ‘massive mjulubeng’ (Photo)

There is never a dull day in the Kenyan interwebs.

Usually, his abs take centre stage but the ladies were more concerned with what was below the belt line.

From the picture, the penis connoisseurs came to a conclusion that Savara was well-endowed while others argued that it could be the way the trouser flows to his legs. A closer look by a keen Instagram user revealed that he was wearing white underwear so the bulge at the bottom wasn't his package.

Either way, the reactions to the bulge were hilarious and we have sampled some of them below:

pascalinemueni1986: Hiyo ndo inaitwa the le punda

newdaydorcas: I was feeling a little blah this morning...and then I scrolled up on that print.  My day has been made better!!! Yes LAWDDD

sandra_kinyanjui: Wa wa wawawawawa savara oka ukihie nie wambu gwetereire mono sweetie.

samora_peet: @ms_onyango umeona hii mjulubeng

njokipriscilla@shy__jones: Ghai fafa.... nimeenda hivi na sirudi

vee_imani: Hii si ni silaha Ama ni ile inaitwa weapon of mass destruction?

wafulamelvin97: Gai aki nimekubali wanaume waluhya mlibarikiwa na bolingo aka Kibamia!

rayc.minaj: Hahahahahah sasa hatutaishi kwa amani

king_bii1: Kuna kitu inahung kwa nguo hapo chini

asandafleekiswa: Yoh is that what I think it is

deniskinara: Kuuliiza tuu hio ni bolingo inakaa Horse pipe

veromartins1: Macho imekwama hapo kwa magoti,weeee

boss_vickii: Mai gawd what a man

_aluoch_: Yawa ze print

dehabs.wams: Congrats. Those pants .i like what i see

rogitto_orenge: @savarafrica my brother reading the comments you will soon be kidnapped. Cheza chini


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