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Why Bahati took 2 years to introduce daughter Mueni

Had he refused to accept his baby?

And from his baby mama's side were accusations that Bahati was a deadbeat dad who had abandoned the girl while she was pregnant only to come back and use her for showbiz purposes.

“He (Bahati) had been denying having sired the baby ever since she was born until the secret DNA testing he conducted a week or two weeks ago. Prior to the DNA testing, he would call or text the girl’s mother and order her not to post the baby‘s photos on any social media platform. Including Whatsapp. When the baby’s mother would disobey, the singer would phone and ask her to pull down the photos, ”A source close to Bahati’s baby mama told Edaily.

Aside from accusations that Bahati was not involved in Mueni’s life, fans were bothered that Bahati took so long to introduce his daughter.


But he has an explanation for why he took so long to introduce Mueni.

“I thought haikuwa poa niifanye so early; I needed to take my time, juu si rahisi kwa mama.” He revealed on Ebru TV “I didn’t come in (to my child’s life after 2 years); I was there from the very beginning.”

On why he chose not to respond to accusations of abandoning and not taking care of his daughter earlier was because he learnt that not every accusation deserves a response. “For the last two years I’ve been in the blogs and newspapers over different stories and one thing I learnt this year was to grow up and not answer to everything.”

And on 'stealing' the baby for the photo-shoot Bahati said “What hurt me was when the mum claimed I stole the baby to take photos. So many things don’t add up. She prepared the baby for the photo-shoot and got her some clothes that I bought her, kuna a certain outfit nilitaka so yeye ndiye aliiendea kwa designer. She gave my daughter to my manager who is my big brother and we spent time together then akarudishwa.”

He then went on to add that the photo-shoot was smooth due to how well Diana his fiancée bonded with and took care of Mueni and so in the end, the two took the photo.


His statement came after fans attacked Diana for showing fake love to the little girl and using her pictures for social media mileage.


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