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Kibaki’s grandson comes to the rescue of Uhuru’s son after embarrassing speech

Sean Kibaki to the rescue!

With great disdain they jeered as the President’s son fumbled with the national language and what made it worse for some was that he read a short Swahili speech from his phone.

“Nimefurahi sana kufika Nandi County, ni mara yangu ya pili kufika Nandi. Asanteni sana kwa kuwa marafiki zetu. Wakenya tufanye kazi pamoja na nawaomba vijana tupige kura kwa amani. Asanteni sana, Mungu awabariki (I am very happy to be here in Nandi county, It’s my second visit to Nandi County. Thank you very much for being our friends. Kenyans should work together and the youth should vote peacefully. Thank you so much and God bless you.) ” Read his speech which was met with amusement from Nandi County Residents.


However, the amusement didn’t trickle down to social media with some describing his speech as ‘embarrassing’, ‘awkward’,and ‘ just shameful’.

“This is just shameful. Son of a president who cannot even express himself in a common language and simple Words, ati he had to read them.” Simon Karago tweeted with Lucy Mosotah adding “I’m just here wondering couldn't the boy speak those words off his head? ??was someone paid to write that 'speech' for him?”

Others expressed that Kiswahili can be a bit difficult to read and they too have fumbled with the national language.

“I too, like millions of Kenyans, have some difficulty reading Swahili (and Maa), despite speaking both fluently all my life! Not Dad's fault.” ole nkarei @olenkarei tweeted.


Sean Kibaki whose grandfather was the former president also dashed in to the recuse of Muhoho after the roast on social media.

“Public speaking is never easy; at least he did it well.” Sean tweeted in support.


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