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KOT react to leaked Whatsapp messages between the ex-KBC TV girl and the married Senator

In 2013, Senator Sonko and Nairobi Women’s rep Rachel Shebesh were left thoroughly embarrassed after intimate photos of the two were leaked to the public.

Lesuuda andMurkomen

But it wasn’t one sided as Naisula also warmly calls him ‘babes’ before they Skype each other in bed in screen shots acquired by the paper.

As expected Kenyans have a lot to say about to this situation the senators have found themselves in and here are some reactions to it:

Dikembe‏Verified account @Disembe: Murkomen to Lesuuda: I love you like a pokot bandit loves his gun


Lesuuda : Stop beb, killin' me

Marakwet Finest‏ @MarakwetFinest: What's wrong with my Senator chewing @Lesuuda? Stop The Unnecessary Hatred. Let Murkomen prosper. Wametoka mbali. #MurkomenWedsLesuuda

Ike Kenneth‏ @IkeOjuok: So the Senator has been jumping from one bed to another like a bedbug, she even dumped the guy who nominated her 2 parl #MurkomenWedsLesuuda

Prof.Dr.ENG. Nanguti‏ @nangutikevin: Mafisi Sacco would like to state categorically that lines used by Murkomen are weak and not within our constitution. #MurkomenWedsLesuuda

Annie Waiguru‏ @AnneWaiguru: It's not just my bae @UhuruKenyattaa who has a second wife, Murkomen joins that exclusive club. We are happy for them. #MurkomenWedsLesuuda


Even Facebook users were not left behind and also commented on the story:

Victor Owiti: After arap kitanda mbili ashamalizia,amempigia pass murconman...ama murconman is adamantly eating the King's food..Jubilee iko na maneno,wameingia ata usherati hadharani

Hajji Mboya Pesa ya NYS ndo inamsumbua


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