4 circumstances that have forced Avril to shy away from steamy videos and being overtly sexual

It’s a common notion that ‘sex sells’ in that images that are sexually provocative or words filled with sexual innuendos will get you further than wearing just a t-shirt or jeans or getting your music to speak for itself .


So, many artistes make the most of the fact that “sex sells” by wearing controversial/seductive outfits and saying things that will have people paying attention, doing things that will have people talking and being a ‘headline grabber’ in the general way they conduct themselves.

Sex may be a treasure-trove for getting attention but for Avril being sexy and sexual is not what she wants to be known for. In an interview with Ghafla, Avril gives her reasons for not getting caught up in the sex sells fad.

“I’ve never really been big on huge elaborate sexy scenes because at the end of the day I can sell myself in all these other attributes. One and the strongest being my music so I don’t feel that I need to pop this and pop that, pull this and pull that .I feel like don’t need to do all these exaggerated things for people to listen to my music. I’m just me and at the end of the day my mum is my biggest fan.

So if my mum will see these things she will ask me ‘Nyambura what is going on?NImeona video yako’ plus she follows me on social media too." Avril revealed.

Before adding that though she is big on music and showbiz, she does not want to sell her soul to the industry just because of fame.

Plus another reason that she doesn’t dress too sexy is that she wants to be comfortable and we all know that sexy is not always comfortable. “I want to be comfortable… I don’t feel like I needed to impress or overly impress for people to accept me.” She said.

Watch the rest of the interview below:


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