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“Stop belittling Kenyan musicians” Nyashinski

Now you know hit maker Nyashinski is tired of hearing people belittle Kenyan artistes. He says fans   should stop referring to Kenyan artistes as local as they pretend not to listen to their music.


“I want people to be proud to say they are only doing music in this country . It is not cool when people say they don’t listen to local music.”

The rapper says music is a career to many and most artistes including himself pay bills using the money they earn from their music. He gave an example of Sautisol who have penetrated into different continents through their music and how much their career has bloomed.

He also mentioned that he is not in any other profession expect the music industry. Having dropped Now you know the singer has pulled back all his fans but he feels this is not enough. In the interview Nyashinki said it takes a lot to be among the top ten artistes in Kenya therefore requires double the effort.

He however does not condemn having ‘Naija night’ in Nairobi but he hopes Kenyans will learn to appreciate their own music and focus at building the Kenyan music industry.


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