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Boomplay Recap 2022: Otile Brown, Nadia Mukami, Bahati, Mercy Masika & more are top artists

The year 2022 has been an exciting year musically for Kenya.

Boomplay Recap 2022: Otile Brown, Nadia Mukami, Bahati, Mercy Masika & more are top artists

From the emergence of drill to the mainstream, to top artists building their own festivals and an abundance of new crooners who have kept us singing along all year.

2022 gives a glimpse into the very bright future of the Kenyan Music industry and the coming year can only be greater.

To close out the year, Africa's #1 music streaming and download service, Boomplay, has released its much-anticipated annual recap.

The #BoomplayRecap2022 provides an overview of music consumption and insights into listeners' musical tastes and preferences for the year.


Also, it enables fans and subscribers to discover their personalised lists of top songs, artists, albums, and genres.

Boomplay Recap presents data and insights into music consumption and engagement on Boomplay reviewed under a specific period.

It profiles and segments music data by country, artists and users and, by so doing, provides an actual reflection of music listenership and engagement habits of local music industries in Africa.


The authenticity and relevance of Boomplay’s data and charts as the accurate picture of music consumption are based on Boomplay’s user base, which is largely the lower and middle-class demographic, the largest population segment on the continent. Thus it is more inclusive and captures the on-the-ground music taste and habits of music consumers.

Streaming on Boomplay grew in 2022 by 248%, buoyed by its 88 million monthly active users and a record increase in Boomplay’s catalogue to over 90 million songs.

For the year 2022, Boomplay Recap by country highlights categories including Top Male Artists, Top Female Artists, Top Booming Artists, Most Streamed Songs and Albums, among others, while Recap for Artists shares 2022 stats of individual artists, including the Total Streams, Hours Streamed, Listeners, Most Streamed Song and Most Streamed Countries.

On the other hand, users on Boomplay (Boombuddies) will have access to personalised results of their music consumption and engagement on Boomplay through the users' recap which highlights their 2022 music journey by revealing details such as the number of songs they listened to, their top genres, discoveries, top artists, songs they had on repeat and many more interesting personal insights.


According to Boomplay’s 2022 Recap for Kenya, we see Hip Hop making a massive leap with front runners Wakadinali making it to #3 of Top Male Artists behind Otile Brown & Bahati who occupy the top two spots respectively, for yet another year. Nadia Mukami leads the Top Female Artists category for the fourth year in a row while Mercy Masika & Nikita Kering’ closed out the top three.

The most streamed songs on Boomplay saw Boondocks Gang’s Exray Taniua alongside Trio Mio & Ssaru occupy the third slot with their viral hit ‘Sipangwingwi’, while Otile Brown and Bahati take up the top two spots respectively with ‘Jeraha’ ft Jovial & ‘Adhiambo’ ft Prince Indah.

Kathy Praise leads the most streamed Gospel Song in 2022 with her single ‘Usikiaye Maombi’ as Gloria Muliro puts up a double entry with ‘Narudisha’ at #2 and ‘Nakubaliana’ at #3

New stars emerged, as seen on the Top Booming Artists category featuring Iyanii, Fathermoh & Nasha Travis, all of which had their breakout hits in 2022! Nasha Travis showed a tremendous growth of 1064% in streams & 521% in listeners.


For the Top 100 Kenya which is Boomplay’s weekly chart of the most streamed records, Tanzania’s Diamond took the top spot 13 times with ‘Mtasubiri’ ft Zuchu, Jay Melody follows closely topping the chart 11 times courtesy of the smash hit ‘Nakupenda’ as Joeboy’s ‘Sip (Alcohol)’ led the top 100 for 8 weeks in 2022.

In April 2021, we saw the African Giant, Burna Boy reach 100m streams making him the inaugural member of Boomplay’s prestigious Golden Club that celebrates artists achieving this outstanding streaming feat.

Since then, we have seen thirty six artists from all over the world join the Golden Club including Otile Brown who became the first Kenyan artist to do so in September of 2022.


Boomplay has been at the forefront of Africa’s music streaming revolution. It has resolved to use strategic partnership and development initiatives to empower Africa’s digital music ecosystem to realise its potential.

Recent partnerships with France’s Generations Radio and telcos Telkom and Safaricom in Kenya are moves towards the progress of the streaming culture and legal music consumption while expanding the reach of artists globally and helping Kenya’s music industry to be more viable and beneficial to all stakeholders.

#BoomplayRecapKE2022 playlists are now streaming on the Boomplay app in different genres and categories, capturing all the artists and songs in the recap and more for users to enjoy and relive their favourite songs and moments of 2022.

The playlists can be found in a special music section in-app tagged Boomplay Recap 2022.


2022 Boomplay Recap Kenya List. Follow the conversation via #BoomplayRecapKE2022 #BoomplayRecap2022

1. Otile Brown

2. Bahati

3. Wakadinali


1. Nadia Mukami

2. Mercy Masika

3.Nikita Kering’


1. Jeraha - Otile Brown ft Jovial

2. Adhiambo - Bahati ft Prince Indah

3. Sipangwingwi - Exray Taniua ft Ssaru & Trio Mio


1. Iyanii

2. Fathermoh

3. Nasha Travis


1. Love Like This - Bahati

2. Just In Love - Otile Brown

3. Victims Of Madness - Wakadinali


1. Mtasubiri - Diamond Platinumz ft Zuchu

2. Nakupenda - Jay Melody

3. Sip (Alcohol) - Joeboy


View the complete list here



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