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Nike’s 'Own The Floor' dance battle transforms Westgate Mall into a theater of dreams

The winner claimed a cash prize and shared that it will go toward opening a dance studio and propelling Nairobi's dance community forward.

Fabias Oduor wins Nike's Own The Floor dance battle which went down on Saturday July 22, 2023 in Nairobi

Under the tranquil clouds adorned the Nairobi sky, Westgate Mall in Westlands came alive with the rhythm and energy of dance as the vibrant beats resonated through the halls of the shopping mall.

Dance enthusiasts from across Kenya gathered to immerse themselves in the Nike 'Own The Floor' dance battle that transformed the vibrant mall into a canvas where individuality and artistry intertwined.

Nike had set the stage for a movement that celebrated dance as a form of personal expression, urging participants to embrace their true selves.

As the clock struck noon, the event kicked off as the three judges - eminent dancers themselves - graced the dancefloor specially set up right next to the Nike Store.


Chiki Kuruka opened the show with an energetic warm-up session, setting the mood for the exhilarating dance battles that were to come.

Githenduh, a master of Hip Hop choreography, followed, captivating the audience with mesmerizing moves.

Finally, Chiluba embraced the role of conductor, guiding the participants through the realm of musicality, allowing their movements to soar like notes of an evocative symphony.

Hundreds of talented dancers had auditioned for the coveted spots, but only 10 finalists had the chance to showcase their prowess on the grand stage.


The audience was treated to a thrilling spectacle in the first round as the dancers went head-to-head in one-minute encounters.

O.wadde and Acy_kara set the floor ablaze with their synchronized moves, moving like two halves of a whole to the rhythm of ‘Clockwork’ by Stefflon Don & Spice.


Imagine_.ohail and Fabias Oduor wove stories with their bodies, their dance narratives unfolding to the beats of ‘Who Told You’ by J Hus Featuring Drake.

Collins Brianoh and Ian Tico showcased the beauty of diverse dance styles, each bringing their unique flair to the floor while grooving to the infectious tune of ‘Pree’ by Kenya’s very own Brooklyn Boyz.

Zac the.great and Luchache_murage8 unleashed their energy like a whirlwind, dazzling the crowd with their performance to the upbeat rhythm of ‘Dondosa’ by Longombas.

Cee_jr_ and Lastbornnash moved with grace and elegance, their expressive dance moves painting a picture of emotion to the soulful melody of ‘Unavailable’ by Davido.


As the daylight started to wane, the judges faced the challenging task of narrowing the field down to the top six dancers.

With each battle, the crowd was drawn deeper and the knockout rounds set the stage for the ultimate showdown, and the three finalists, O.wadde, Fabias Oduor, and Acy_kara, were ready to claim the crown.

Ian Tico, the wildcard entry, joined them after the judges hand-picked him for his extraordinary talent despite being knocked out earlier in the battle.


Tico, in a heartwarming gesture, yielded his wildcard spot to Imagine_.ohai and the stage was now set for the ultimate confrontation between O.wadde, Imagine_.ohail, Fabias Oduor, and Acy Kara.

Fabias was able to edge out Acy_kara and Imagine_.ohail beat O.wadde to secure their positions in the final.

Being the 3rd time Fabias and Imagine_.ohail were facing each other during the battle, the grand finale was a spectacle of talent and emotion.

Every move was a testament to the power of dance, uniting the crowd in collective awe.


Fabias Oduor emerged as the champion, his performance leaving an indelible mark on the judges' and audience’s hearts.

With the coveted title came a prize of Sh100,000, which Fabias revealed he would invest in his dream of opening a dance studio and propelling the dance community forward.


With his victory came not just a prize but the validation of his artistry and the promise of a brighter future for the dance community.

As the dancers and spectators dispersed, the magic of the day lingered in the air.

The stage may have been at Westgate, but the real performance was the celebration of dance, love, and dreams that unfolded on that very floor.


The dancers had breathed life into the floor, weaving stories and dreams that would forever resonate in the hearts of those who had the privilege to witness the day's magic.


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